Northpointe Staffordshire Bull Terriers


Meet Jasper

Jasper is a solid blue dog that we just recently imported into the states. He is the son of one of the top blue stud dogs in Europe at this time. He has some excellent kennels in his pedigree along with some of the top blue studs dogs in the UK. Crashkon, Vanoric, Moosskel, Sparstaff, Bowtman, and more. Jasper is bred from some of the best kennels and dogs that Europe has to offer. He is bred from the best BLUE studs available and it shows. He is line bred to CH Vanoric Voo Doo, one of the all time favorites of myself. He is also line bred to Jolson's Blue Boy. Another top BLUE stud dog that consistantly produces excellent litters. His pedigree offers Mister Bloo, Bowser, Jolson, Voo Doo, Voo Doo Chile, Dirty Harry, Sparstaff Dominator, and more great dogs. Check it out below. Here are a couple of pictures of his father, Bowser Blue Eye. I will be posting pictures of others soon.


Bowser Blue Eye- Jaspers Sire in London England



 Jasper and Skye- our imported blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers


Some of our favorite toys are giant chunks of ice




Jasper at 10 months




Jasper's Pedigree


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