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The information on this page is easily referenced at the websites of both the AKC and the KC. It is for information on breed standard. One thing to remember is that a formal description of breed standard describes the perfect staffie. Dogs are in fact like people and each is an individual and may not always be perfect in standard. All staffies regardless of how they look should act the same. Each one is perfect in heart and nature and should be loved equally. They are all wonderful in character and make great companions even if they are not perfect in conformation standard. 


The staffie should be smooth coated and exhibit great strength for his size, he is a very muscular dog and very agile in motion.

The staffie should exhibit a character of indomitable courage and tenacity, he is bold and fearless. He is a very intellegent dog that shows high affection for people, especially children. He has been nick named the "nanny dog" in the breed standard of the KC and they state that he is 100% trustworthy and reliable.

The head should be short and broad with a large skull. The staffie has very pronounced cheek muscles, giving them the appearance of smiling. His head should exhibit a distinct stop, have a short foreface and a black nose.

The staffie should have tight lips, a strong jaw, and large teeth with a perfect scissor bite. Meaning that the teeth should closely overlap top to bottom and set square in the jaw.

The staffie should have rose shaped of half pricked ears, they should not be to large or heavy. Ears that are full, drop or full pricked are undesirable.  

The staffies body should be close and tight. He should have a wide front with a level topline. He should have a deep brisket and well sprung ribs. He should be very muscular and well defined. His neck should be short, muscular and clean, widening toward the shoulders.

 The staffies front legs should be straight and well boned. They should be set rather wide apart and show no weakness. The front feet should be turned out a little and shoulders should be well laid back and show no looseness at the elbow.

The staffies hindquarters should be very well muscled with well bent stifles. The legs should appear parallel when vied from behind.

The staffies tail should be of medium length and carried rather low. It should taper toward the point and has been described to appear like an old fashioned water pump handle. The tail should not have much curl.

The staffies feet should be medium in size, well padded, and a dark or solid colored dog should have black nails.

The staffies gait or movement should be free and flowing. He should appear powerful and agile. His legs should appear parallel when viewed from behind. He should appear to have a very strong drive from his hind legs.  

The acceptable colors of the staffies are red, fawn, white, black or blue. Any one of these colors is acceptable with white. Any shade of brindle or brindle with white. Black and tan or liver in color is highly undesirable and considered a disqualification in conformation shows. 

The staffies desirable height is between 14 - 16 inches at the withers. The height should be in proportion with weight. Dogs should weigh between 28 and 38 pounds, bitches between 24 and 34 pounds.

Please dont discriminate against the dog that is not absolutely perfect in breed standard. If you are not showing the dog it doesn't matter if there slight variances in the appearance of your dog compared to perfect breed standard.  

Please help in the fight against BSL (breed specific legislation). Help to stop the publics ignorance by being a moral owner and exhibit your animal in his best light possible when in the public eye. This is a wonderful breed and is nowhere near being a "pit" dog. We must change the publics perception of our breed. Help to educate those that dont understand our animals, it is so important to the future of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


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