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Puppies are here. We have 2 boys and 3 girls from Rosie and Magic. Pups are black and black/brindle and have white markings. Pups will be ready for Christmas 2017. If interested in one of our babies please contact us. We also have a litter pick male available now. He is also bred from our male Magic and carries a strong blue gene. Pups are from champion imported lines from Europe and Russia.

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About our Staffords:

English style with championship blood lines imported from the UK and S. Africa. Our

dogs were breed for conformation breed standard, temperament, tenacity, integrity,

confidence, companionship, loyalty and all of the other character traits that make

this breed truely what it is, remarkable, outstanding, above all others, period.                                                                                                                                           



  A very special thank you to my family, without them I could not have my dogs due

 to my time constraints. For their undying passion and devotion, I thank them from

 the bottom of my heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


 We would like to welcome our new puppy Lexmicas VooDoo Charmer "Magic". Magic was sent to us from his breeders in Europe, Lexmica Staffords. This is the same kennel we received our girl Skye from. Mike and Andrea breed the highest quality staffords available in Europe. Magic comes from Crossguns, Crashkon and Vanoric lines to name only a few. His sire is CH Tillcar Tillerman, "Tiller". Tiller is an international champion and is major pointed with a championship on the way in the UK. I will post Magics pedigree soon. Thanks to Lexmica for such a wonderful little guy. He is one of the smartest pups we have had here at Northpointe. 



CH Tillcar Tillerman, Magics sire. 


Tillers Pedigree






This is Cassi, she is one of our newest puppies. She was bred in the UK by Mark Thompsen at Atharrisons Staffordshire Bull Terriers. She is the daughter of CH Valglo Casanova at Crossguns. She is a very well line bred puppy. Her grandsire on her mothers side is CH Days of Thunder at Crossguns. Casi is line bred to Casanova. She comes from some of the best blood in the world. Her father is a legend in Europe and is a breed record holder at Crufts. I will post more on her soon. Thanks for trusting her to us Mark.



 Cassi was bred in the UK by Mark Thompsen at Atharrisons Staffordshire Bull

 terriers. Any questions or if you need contact info for Mark please contact me.



  Sampson                                                                            Lila















Molly - our gentle giant. Molly is a wonderful girl with a great temperament.

 We absolutely love her. She is such a great dog.



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